Cooling Systems

Cooling system maintenance is essential to the  health of your transmission. If the cooling system isn’t working properly your transmission can overheat causing the fluid to break down which in turn will destroy the transmission. We will inspect the radiator, clutch/electric fans, thermostat, hoses and fluid condition and repair these systems, if necessary.

If you tow a trailer your transmission has to work extra hard and in turn will generate even more heat. If the cooling system is too small it can cause your transmission to fail prematurely. We can inspect your cooler system and install a larger cooler, if required.

Fuel Systems

If your fuel system isn’t working properly it can affect the way your transmission operates. A plugged fuel filter or a fuel pump that is failing can cause late shifting. At Mountain Transmission we have the specialized equipment to diagnose and repair your fuel system.

Ignition Systems

Spark plugs, ignition coils and wires fail from time to time. This can cause a misfire condition which will reduce engine power and in turn, will affect the way the transmission shifts. We can tune up your engine so this doesn’t happen.

Computer Systems

Modern vehicles are extremely complex with multiple computer systems that operating on several networks. Each computer may have many sensors that are used for input signals. We can test all of the sensors and related wiring if a problem arises. We also have multiple scanning tools that communicate with the computer systems and check for trouble codes often leading to the source of the problem more efficiently.