Automatic and Standard Transmissions

Despite regular maintenance, your transmission will eventually reach a point at which it needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Our full-service shop offers a rebuild or replacement of your transmission to suit your needs. Our technicians have extensive experience with both automatic and manual transmissions. With automatic transmissions we will completely disassemble and clean all the components. We will inspect and replace all necessary parts as well as perform critical updates to ensure trouble free operation.
With manual transmissions we will disassemble clean and inspect all parts including bearings, shafts ,syncros, shift forks and linkages when the components needed are determined we will give you a quote on a rebuild or repair.

Direct Shift Gearbox

Many vehicles are now equipped with dual clutch direct shift gearboxes. At Mountain Transmission we can service, repair, and rebuild these advanced units.

Constant Velocity

Constant velocity transmissions don’t have individual gears like regular automatic transmissions. Instead they constantly maintain the optimum engine RPM for power and fuel economy. Bring your CVT to Mountain Transmission for service or repair.

Commercial and High Performance

Mountain Transmission can build custom transmissions for both commercial and high performance applications.