We will disassemble clean and inspect all of the components of your differential then replace all necessary parts. We can also upgrade your differential to a limited slip or locking unit for better traction. Components of the differential can include ring and pinion gears, spider gears carriers, bearings and axles. A problem with your differential can sometimes cause you antilock brakes to malfunction if the rear wheel speed sensor fails – again, preventative maintenance program, we are here to help.


If your differential has a problem, but doesn’t need a full rebuild we can repair it for you and keep you on the road.

Re-bearing and Ration Changes

Bearing failure is a common problem with your differential. If not addressed promptly the gears may not run true, causing premature failure. Perhaps you would like to change your gear ratio for added fuel economy or increased torque at the wheels for towing. Call us for a price for we are here to help and/or enhance fuel economy.