Mechanical Clutches

The technicians at Mountain Transmission are experts in the repair and maintenance of your clutch system. We will test drive your vehicle to determine the condition of the clutch as well as check all shifter linkage operation.

Hydraulic Clutches

Many clutches use a hydraulic release system consisting of a master cylinder and a slave cylinder. We can inspect these components as well as the hoses and lines and if necessary, and repair or replace any worn or faulty parts. If you are having problems getting into gear or hearing grinding noises, you may need hydraulic repairs or to bleed the system to remove trapped air Рgive us a call.

Repairs and Service

Most clutches use brake fluid in the hydraulic system. This fluid brakes down over time and should be replaced every few years. Count on us to service your hydraulic clutch system.

Think preventative maintenance – less expensive than replacement!